Sungae Medical Foundation seeks ways to contribute to our community

  1. 1Employed refugee doctors from North Korea
  2. 2Accepted 2,500 refugees from North Korea as patients
  3. 3Provided medical care to 6,000 veterans since 2001
  4. 4Provided special care for 50 underprivileged and celebrity patients
    from Mongolia
  5. 5Provided medical treatment to the president and
    first lady of Mongolia
  6. 6Treated the first lady of Mongolia for gastric cancer
  7. 7Provided scholarships to Mongolian students
  8. 8Provided training for 28 Mongolian doctors
  9. 9Established the Yunghye Welfare Foundation with
    paid-in capital of W2.2 billion
  10. 10Provided pro bono medical care to the underprivileged