Thank you for visiting the website of Sungae Hospital.

Our aim at Sungae Hospital is to open the door wider for patients seeking quality care, even during times of
climbing medical costs.
We also make investments to bring in cutting-edge medical equipment and become a
leading regional hospital that understands patient needs and exceeds expectations.

Our doctors and staff members stay up to date on the latest technologies and best practices to provide
the finest medical care at our clinics, which include a cardiac center, a cardiovascular
center, an endoscopy center, and an artificial kidney center. The emergency care center operates
24 hours a day to protect the lives and health of our patients.

We intend to continue our focus on providing care for the disadvantaged and needy,
with a heartfelt appreciation for the opportunities that are given to us in doing this.
We will seek a leading role in the community.

With lessons learned from our 48-year history in healthcare, one that is based on
kindness, harmony, and frugality, and through applying the latest technologies
and providing quality care, we will stay on top of the changes
of the 21st century to make our hospital a leader.

Kim Yun-kwang
Founder, Sungae Hospital